Domingo newest: The Met performs wait-and-see

Nijinsky says:

I discover this all so topsy turvy. There’s numerous speak about abuse of energy, and positively that’s the case would it not be true that Mr. Domingo based mostly his determination on whether or not to rent someone on whether or not they succumbed to him or not; however what about all the people who knew about his conduct and ignored it, folks in energy, and why did THEY by no means inform him it must cease, or discover out what was occurring earlier than it was too late, right here once more a narrative of many years in the past. And the way a lot does the aggressive volatility of the arguing put it on the entrance of the information feed, and it turns into once more a instrument of individuals in energy to make use of to keep away from information they don’t wish to get out.
And when is that this picture of the superhero going to cease, the star performer who will get all the women. It’s virtually as if Mr. Domingo is meant to dwell as much as that in an effort to preserve the attract, and maintain the entire enterprise operating that makes others who adore him suppose that’s what it’s about. And WHY does this promote, and why was his conduct not attended to for years, besides when he’s head of their opera firm or of their manufacturing he’s an enormous draw. It’s like he himself is meant to consider he deserves particular privileges, and people not going together with it are interfering with artwork itself. It’s acknowledged right here, and about Dutoit that they each mentioned that the felt they wanted a lady, Domingo earlier than a efficiency Dutoit afterwards. What’s occurring with turning the world of artwork (principally the romantic interval) into such a show of sensuality that you simply get such conduct, as if intercourse itself has nothing to do with creativity (procreation) however is a useful resource to keep up a degree of means and celeb attraction, the creativity behind the music to then comply with suite.
Domingo wanted to be informed that he had an issue years and years in the past, reasonably than getting used as an object for media draw the place he himself responds by being as presumptuous as to what that entails because the folks pondering that artwork survives below such advertising.
What a presumption on all sides that that’s what it’s about. And Domingo wanted assist years in the past, reasonably than singing “baritone” within the interim as a result of he’s “Placido,” missing the entire resonance of what baritone is; regardless of many opera singers on this age of celeb and medica appear to suppose they will sing no matter function that pleases them whatever the true nature of their voice. As Tebaldi mentioned, you may have mosquitoes singing Tosca or one thing; she didn’t even suppose we’d have one singing in Il Trovatore. I simply want she hadn’t insulted mosquitoes. Placido Domingo wanted assist years in the past, WHY did that by no means occur, is that like towards the codes of being aggressively bold, and self righteously saying anybody in your means is jealous? And WHY is it repeated time and again with sure “personalities?” Anybody insecure sufficient to suppose they want that’s wafted up into the heavenly theater of the Gods of the leisure trade, surrounded by columns of additional privileges. Is it towards the foundations that they could discover out WHY they had been insecure reasonably than turning into little manic monsters to advertise themselves and develop into commodities!?

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